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To rescue, shelter, and care for homeless animals and place them in permanent responsible homes; to promote and support spay/neuter for all companion animals. 

November 13, 2016


Available Cats

The J kittens + Gillespie

Meet the Js and their friend Gillespie! Janet, Jaxon, Jared, Jake, and Jamie are about 9 weeks old and Gillespie is about 12 weeks. They are still too young to know what their adult personalities will be, but for now they are typical kittens: active, hungry, playful, hungry, curious, affectionate, happy and did we mention hungry?
Continue reading “The J kittens + Gillespie”

October 31, 2016


Adopted Cats

Matilda & Ziva - Adopted!

Matilda is a tortoiseshell mix (the darker kitten) and one of the sweetest kittens we’ve met in a long time. She’s super laid back, loves people, cats, and her canine foster sister, Iris. 

Ziva is a tabby mix and has a personality that just won’t quit! She’ll let out a short meow the instant she’s petted. She’s very affectionate and loves to be in a lap. Continue reading “Matilda & Ziva”

August 7, 2016


Adopted Cats

Noodles & Ruby - Adopted!

Noodles and Ruby are the sweetest pair of kittens you could ever hope to meet! They are very best buddies and are looking for a home where they can be together forever. Continue reading “Noodles & Ruby”

August 3, 2016


Available Cats


Milton is a sweet, mellow, handsome fellow, looking for a home where he won’t have to worry about other cats getting into his personal space. Milty has great social skills with people and he can take a bit of feline company, but he’s pretty much ready to ditch the backup band and go for a solo career. He has been fond of his human lady caregivers but given the choice, he prefers a bro when it comes to lap time. Continue reading “Milton”

July 3, 2016


Adopted Cats

Bronco Billy - Adopted!

Bronco Billy has been through a lot in the two years he’s been in our care. He had a number of health challenges and has patiently endured all the treatments necessary to repair the damage from his early life on the harsh streets. Now that he finally feels like “top cat” again, his charming and quirky personality has emerged and he’s ready for the lush life he deserves. Billy has endeared himself to all his caregivers (we all adore him!) but now it’s time to find him a forever family and get started on his happily ever after. Continue reading “Bronco Billy”

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