Sammy, Spot, AnnieOur dog program is temporarily on hold and we are unable to accept dogs for fostering or adoption at this time. Please visit our Resources page for information regarding fostering or adopting dogs.

ARCF continues to support local groups who are doing good work with dogs. One group we especially admire is Fences For Fido (




DaisyFFF's mission is:

To improve the quality of life for dogs living outdoors by removing chains, building fences, providing shelters, offering spay/neuter, and raising awareness about the physical, mental, and emotional needs of dogs and why chaining a dog is inhumane and dangerous.

The group includes more than 900 volunteers, with chapters in Salem, Linn County, and Southwest Washington, in addition to the main group in Portland. To date, 162 dogs have been freed from their lives at the end of a chain, all done by volunteer labor, with materials and vet care paid for entirely by donated funds. Each project costs about $800-$1000, including fence, shelter, and vet services. Currently about six projects are completed every month.

BearTo support FFF's work, the ARCF board of directors voted this past winter to sponsor six dogs on the waiting list for funding: Daisy, Bear, Annie, Spot, Sammy, and Snowball.

Daisy is a Golden Lab who had spent all seven months of her short life at the end of a chain. Daisy was overflowing with energy, love, and a strong desire to please. But she was isolated and frustrated, creating a rift between Daisy and her family. Now, she has a fence which allows her run around all sides of her house and burn off of some of that puppy energy. FFF volunteers are working with the family on a training program which will allow her to integrate even more into their lives.


FFF learned about Bear, a two-year-old Boxer, from a neighbor who said simply, “Please help this dog!” Bear, a dispirited gentle giant with sad eyes, clearly needed help but his family seemed skeptical. His young family is just starting out in life and it took three visits before they warmed to the offer to provide a fence and neuter surgery for Bear. At the fence-building visit, the family reported that since his neuter, Bear had stopped marking in the house, which made him more welcome to come inside for family time.

Annie, SnowballAnnie and her son Spot were living next door to Sammy and Snowball, also Annie’s sons. FFF volunteers built fences on both properties and put a connecting gate between the two yards, so occasionally the gate can be opened and all four dogs can romp together. Sammy and Snowball had been chained at opposite sides of the yard so their chains didn’t tangle, so you can imagine their joy at finally being able to play and cuddle together. It was a long day for the volunteers, but ended with many smiles and four very happy dogs.

There are many dogs on the waiting list, which continues to grow. If you know of a dog that needs to be released from a chain, or if you would like to volunteer, FFF would like to hear from you. You can contact them at or 503-869-0422.



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