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Beautiful Eartha was found with her newborn babies on a street corner in Eastern Oregon. Our friends at Cat Utopia in Pendleton rescued her there and asked for our help. Her life had obviously been rough and tumble up to that point, but Eartha was a very good mama for being just a teenager herself and could not have been any sweeter. Once her kittens didn’t need her anymore, she began to luxuriate in her new life of leisure. She deserved the perfect home where she could enjoy the carefree kittenhood she had missed.

Melinda Miller had recently lost her beloved Ripple kitty to a sudden illness and she wanted to fill that empty space in her heart and her home. Of course her favorite breed is “Rescued,” so she came to meet Eartha and shortly after that, took her home to meet Nova, the other kitty in the family. We recently received this note from Eartha, who apparently counts typing among her many skills:

First day rescued, with babies

I’ve grown very fond of Melinda. In fact, sometimes I even come when she calls me. I follow her around, even when she’s cleaning or going up and down the stairs a lot. Sometimes I purposely get in her way so she has to stop and pet me. However, I’m not so sure Melinda is very bright. I am trying to teach her a trick where she gives me wet food each and every time she walks in the kitchen, but she doesn’t seem to get the hang of it. Despite my cutest and most persistent efforts, I can only get her to do the trick twice a day. I keep trying though!

Anyhoo, I’ve been playing all morning and need to go take a nap until dinner time. Thank you so much for helping take care of my kittens. I feel so much better and have tons of energy now. I know not all of the kitties you save get to write you, but I know they are as grateful as I am for helping us on our journeys to our forever homes.

I’ll never forget you.

Purrs and headbutts and toe bites,

— Eartha Kitty Louise Miller

Published on July 2, 2016

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