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Finn (formerly Quinn) - Adopted!


Finn was rescued as part of a community cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) project in Clackamas County. There were about sixteen kittens in the group, most not very well socialized. Finn was a bit timid, but he showed interest in making friends with us. He was a bit older than our usual “boot camp” recruits, but winter was coming on and we had a little extra room, so we decided to give him a chance.

Finn was happy with the indoor life and loved being around other cats, but he stayed cautious around people. He enjoyed being pet and brushed, but unexpected motion or noise would send him skittering for cover. He spent time in several of our foster homes, and he was always sweet but remained shy. Katherine and James Still adopted another shy kitten named Lily from us a few years ago to be a companion to their older cat, Sprite. It was a stressful introduction, but eventually they became friends. When Sprite passed away, Katherine wanted to find another companion for Lily. She contacted us and we agreed that Finn might be a good fit for Lily. He adores other cats but never tries to dominate; his feline social skills were excellent, even if people still made him a bit nervous. We knew Finn would be shy about meeting new people, so we sent a little video of Finn in his happy place, which was quite irresistible. Katherine understands about shy cats. She met Finn and decided to take him home. She planned a careful introduction and here’s the result:

Finn-LilyLily and Finn are doing so well! She gives him a good swat whenever he’s too much in her face but he doesn’t seem to mind, just continues to follow her around adoringly. He’s most comfortable with me (since I’m around him the most) and is incredibly affectionate and playful. We’re working on being comfortable being picked up. What a charmer he is. He’s got quite a purr machine, and such a drooler! Thank you so much for everything! We’re so grateful to have this little guy in our family.

— Katherine Still

Published on November 11, 2015

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