Success Story

King Bertram Echbert III (formerly Bert)


As much as we love to see the kittens settled and happy in their new homes, nothing warms the heart like seeing our more “experienced” clients find the loving retirement homes they all deserve. Bert came to us about a year ago when he was trapped with a colony of community cats we helped. He was just a rack of bones with a big tomcat head and his eyes were continually weepy and almost permanently closed by a painful condition called entropion.

His lower eyelids were rolled inward, causing the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball. This appeared to be a genetic condition in his case, so poor Bert had been suffering his entire life, probably about 10 years. Otherwise Bert was in good health so we committed to providing surgery to correct Bert’s entropion. Although he wasn’t eager for close human contact, Bert was not completely anti-social and his vision was still too compromised for him to make it on his own back with the colony. So we made him comfortable in our outdoor enclosure where over time he became more comfortable with his caregivers, and even began to enjoy being petted and brushed. Javis and Ping and their kids had the opportunity to meet him and thought Bert would be a fine addition to their family.

For the first couple of weeks Bert was friendly but shy, and the slightest movement or noise would send him running. Now he is not shy at all and when he hears someone coming home, he runs over to the door to see who it is. As soon as they come in the door, he “attacks” them with cat hugs.

He is also playing a lot! He likes his toy mice, a scrunchy plastic thing that makes a lot of noise, and making himself into a burrito with bed sheets. He’s also venturing around the house, finding new places to explore.

We are really happy that Bert is living with us. And thank you for all the starting items for Bert (food, litter box, toys). They were much appreciated, and used every day.

— Javis Jones, Ping Hsaio, Gabriel and Jacob

Published on July 2, 2016

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