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Leroy & Fia (formerly Schroeder & Sylvia) - Adopted!


We heard about ARCF from a fellow Aurora Chorus member, who spoke highly of you! We came to meet the four “S” kittens in January and our hearts were won over. It was hard to choose two since all four were friendly, adorable, and loved each other so much. We decided we wanted a female, so we picked little Fia (Sylvia). We also heeded your recommendation to split up the tabby boys because they were bigger and rowdier, and the black kitties were a calming influence. During our first visit, Leroy (Schroeder) crawled into my lap and purred, so we figured he wanted to come home with us.

Today Fia and Leroy are healthy, playful, and loving. They love to run around, play in their “tube,” and sit in the window watching birds and squirrels. They also love their lap time and our 14-year-old orange tabby Colby, who is learning to like them too. They are interested in the great outdoors, so we’re planning to build them a catio soon!

I showed a photo of the kittens to my friend Chris, who was also interested in adopting a pair of kittens. Another family had been interested in the other two “S” siblings but when that adoption fell through, Chris was able to adopt them, and now we are “cat aunties!”

— Roberta Jortner and Karl Lee

Published on November 11, 2015

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