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Lola - Adopted!


After spending some time with Lola, we understood why she might have knocked over the TV (see this post); she’s very smart and curious, and we thought she would do best with a feline companion to keep her little mind and body occupied and out of trouble. Because of her quite stunning looks, we received many applications to adopt Lola, and we took our time carefully screening potential adopters.

When we got Laurie’s application, we were happy to see she had another cat in her home, but were a bit concerned about Laurie’s little dog because Lola’s prior experience with dogs was unknown. But because she is very confident and social, we decided it was likely to work out well. Laurie came to meet Lola and she agreed it looked promising.

We are all smitten with Lola. I’m so glad that I took the chance, even though we weren’t sure if she had been around dogs before. Honestly, with so many cats available for adoption, your rescue organization really stands out. Your description of Lola was spot on, and gave so many details. It was wonderful meeting her at Anne’s house. This increased my confidence in getting a new kitty and knowing that I was adopting the right one for my family. She is a very special and loving kitty and always makes us laugh. (And she’s the best possible with my 4-year-old granddaughter.) Thank you so much!

— Laurie Armistead

Published on December 29, 2015

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