Success Story

Tommy & Charlie


These beautiful kittens were being advertised online by their people who were moving to Texas and didn’t want to bring them along. They turned out to be soft as cotton balls and sweet as cotton candy. About that time, Amy Scott sent us an application looking for a pair of kittens for her young family. We invited them to come meet these gorgeous young siblings. It was love at first sight—no surprise!Off they went to Amy’s home, where they soon had a big adventure discovering the long-unused but still sooty fireplace in the basement. White kitties turned gray! Baths were in order, which they graciously accepted and soon all was forgiven. Here’s the latest update:

The Wild Cats (also known as The Kitten Twins, Snuggle-Paws, and InsomniCats when playing all night) are doing extremely well! They are perhaps the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. Cuddly, playful, talkative—they ask for attention with little chirrups and mer-ows. They both do “The Flop” when a human walks toward them—flopped onto their backs, curled into a “C” with the pet-my-belly eyes. They are super curious, sneaking into rooms and closets when doors are opened momentarily and then calling to the sibling so we find them plaintively meowing to each other from either side of the door. They still have kitten craziness, racing around stalking and pouncing but they love to adorably nap with each other, too. We are vigilant about doors because they would both really like to get outside!

Thank you so much for bringing them into our family!

— Amy, Michael, Eilish and Declan

Published on July 2, 2016

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