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Violet & Velda - Adopted!


Last summer, we were contacted by our rescue friend Jody who is dedicated to helping cats in her Willamette Valley community. She had seen an ad online placed by a woman who was trying to find new homes for numerous cats, kittens, and puppies. The woman was apparently taking in animals from unknown sources and then giving them away. By the time Jody got there the puppies and some of the cats were already gone, but she was able to rescue three young cats; a pair of adolescent “cow kitten” sisters, and a young adult female with Siamese-y blue eyes.

Jody asked for our help with their vet care and finding them new homes. As usual, our foster homes were full, but we agreed to squeeze them in somewhere. As usual for ARCF kitties, their first stop was to see our vet. All three were as calm and sweet-natured as can be. They all proved to be in good health, and we were happily surprised to find that the Siamese girl was not only spayed, but had a microchip. We called the microchip company right away and discovered her name was Lola and she had been adopted from a shelter in Washington.

We were looking forward to reuniting Lola with her family, but when we reached them by phone we learned they had moved to Georgia! Lola had been adopted by the family when they were stationed at Bremerton with the navy. After a week in her new home, Lola knocked the new big screen TV to the floor. The TV didn’t survive and the husband decreed the cat must be removed from the home, so they gave her to a neighbor. The family was baffled as to how she ended up in Albany, Oregon, and although they wished her well, the family had no desire to be reunited with Lola.

We named the sisters Violet and Velda and once all their vet work was done, we set about finding new homes for them and Lola.

Before long, we heard from Nancy and Duane, who had recently lost a pair of 17-year-old sister cats and were ready for new feline companions to love. We suggested a meeting with Violet and Velda. As expected, they found themselves charmed by this irresistible pair, and soon added them to their family.


We delight in Violet and Velda every day! Multiple times a day, actually. I could go on and on about them, but let me start by saying how sweet and trusting both Violet and Velda have been from the day we took them home. We kept them in the bedroom our first night together and not long after I got into bed that night to read, Violet climbed onto my stomach and fell asleep. We couldn’t believe it! Our previous cats that we had for 17 years came from a shelter and it took quite some time for them to snuggle up. Thanks to ARCF, Violet and Velda were never in a shelter and we see that as a big plus as far as socializing these two goes.


Our favorite game is playing with a bathrobe belt—these kittens can jump high! And they love their Mylar balls, little furry mice, and rattle ball. They are quick to purr and Violet in particular likes to climb in a lap and sprawl on her back, or nestle in the crook of an arm. She also likes to climb in things like bags and boxes (a spinach box, for example). Velda is the fearless explorer.

It’s fun watching them play and wrestle together. We’re so glad we got two! They are adorable and we adore them! Thanks again for trusting us with the sweetest kittens ever!
– Nancy Kramer and Duane Whitehurst

Published on December 29, 2015

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