The Law – Pet Licensing

From Multnomah County

Section 13.101 of the County Code states “Dogs and cats shall be licensed within 30 days of obtaining the age of six months or within 30 days of obtaining residency in the county or acquisition by the owner or keeper, whichever occurs later.”

8 Good Reasons to License Your Pet

  • A license tells everyone that your pet is not a homeless stray.
  • It means Multnomah County Animal Services will call you or send you a letter, if your pet comes to the Shelter wearing a license.
  • It provides emergency medical care for your pet, while in the care of the County.
  • It enables the County to protect neighborhoods from dangerous dogs and investigate dog bites.
  • Licensing helps pay for the care of homeless animals while attempts are made to find them new homes.
  • It supports investigations of cruelty, neglect and abandonment of all animals.
  • Licensing supports efforts to find good homes for homeless stray dogs and cats through our active adoption and foster programs.
  • AROUND-THE-CLOCK contact with you via your home phone or emergency number, if someone finds your lost pet … but it must wear its license.

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